Quick and Simple 5 Ingredient Teriyaki Chicken

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  1. Heat a large pan over medium high – high heat while you dice your chicken
  2. Add a bit of vegetable oil to the pan, let it heat for several seconds, and add your chicken
  3. To this, add pepper and a tiny bit of salt (not too much because the soy sauce is high in sodium)
  4. Sear the chicken for just a few minutes to get some golden brown color – do NOT cook the chicken through – it will finish cooking in the sauce
  5. To the chicken, add your other four ingredients, stir to combine, and let everything simmer/boil for several minutes (stirring often) until the sauce has reduced, thickened, and coats the chicken. There shouldn’t be much sauce pooled in the pan once it has reduced
  6. Optional extra toppings include sliced green onions and toasted sesame seeds